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Humanistic Teaching and Learning as Process

Humanities in Action begins with the idea that humanistic teaching and learning builds on itself to create knowledge about human experience and a humanistic outlook or way of being in the world. This is a process that unfolds over time. As you consider ways that Humanities in Action can support your teaching and learning, we hope that the following overview of this process can be generative for you.

  • Humanistic teaching, learning, and exploration center human experience. They focus on how people in different times and places communicate ideas and experiences in writing, music, art, performance, cultural practice, and other forms of representation. 
  • With this focus, humanistic engagement prepares us to reflect on what we see and hear around us, to creatively represent our own experiences, and to analyze how others represent their lives.​ ​
  • Through such preparation, humanistic engagement promotes individual and social change and ways of engaging difference with intention, self-consciousness, care, and generosity.​ ​
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